Who is Claire Gamage?          

Where were you born and brought up?

I was born in Wegberg, Germany where my Dad was stationed in the Royal Signals. We moved back to Worcester where my Mum and her family are from when I was 11. I have been based in Worcester ever since, but being an army brat definitely gave me an interest in travel and experiencing other countries and cultures.

If you weren’t in the job you are in now, what could you see yourself doing?

If I had the artistic or writing talent I would be a National Geographic writer or photographer. Getting to travel to amazing new places, meet people from all walks of life and see things that most people only see in books or on television would be incredible.

What is the most interesting country you have ever visited?

Without a doubt India. It is one of the most fascinating places I have visited. From the moment you step off the plane you are accosted by a million smells and sights from cows eating rubbish in the streets and children playing cricket on derelict building sites to the funeral pyres on the Gangees and the absolute majesty of the Taj Mahal. I would recommend it to anyone.

If you could get tickets to any event what would it be?

An English and Irish Lions Tour in New Zealand. I love my rugby and to follow a Lions Tour in one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited would be truly incredible. Alternatively, a Worcester Warriors v, anyone Premiership final at Twickenham. We can but dream!

What skill would you like to master?

I would like to learn another language. I think we are quite lazy in expecting the world to speak English, I know I have been! The question is, what language??

Tell us something about you that is surprising/not many people know?

I have a serious Punch and Judy phobia! I blame my parents for forcing me to watch it at Christmas parties as a child. Those voices and faces send shivers down my spine and not in a good way!