"How have the existing facilities helped during these tragic circumstances?"  

One young couple's story, from the county, are supporting the campaign, having benefited from the existing facilities, following the stillbirth of their baby.

“The Fay Turner Suite provided a space for our family to see our baby, and for us to say goodbye to him,”.

“We stayed for two days – although at all times it was made clear that we could stay as long as we wanted to. It meant so much to us that our family could come and see our baby, and the staff couldn’t do enough for us.”


“The suite gave us some privacy to be with our loved ones, away from the busy atmosphere of the hospital.

Our babywas bought to us in a cuddle cot - he was perfect, just like his older brother.

Then when the time was right we said our goodbyes.

Without those two days we'd have nothing to remember him by. Thank you to the staff at the hospital who were so compassionate and caring. It can't heal the pain but it helped build real memories.”

  "More words from some bereaved parents"  
        “Having the use of the bereavement suite gave us a chance to breathe and start to make sense of what had happened and was happening”.      
        "It gave us the time to bond and create memories with our baby in a home from home setting, until we were ready to say goodbye and take the next difficult step of going home".      
        "It gave us that quiet, private time with our baby, family and friends but the staff where there at the end of the call bell if we needed absolutely anything or had any questions".      
        "The room was so valuable, it gave us space and time and with the garden as well we could create beautiful memories and stories that can only help for the future and how we cope".      
          "Being there meant we didn't have to deal with everyday things we could just spend time with our baby, it was a safe bubble before we had to take the next steps to go home".