Why, "The Worcestershire Bereavement Suite?"

For most people, losing a baby is the worst thing that they can imagine.

Worcestershire Royal Hospital (WRH) currently provides limited bereavement services to help families in our county come to terms with the loss of their baby. We met Trudy, a specialist Bereavement Support Midwife at WRH.

It is sad that such a specialism even exists but, every day, people like Trudy and the facilities they provide help a family in our community.


Trudy explained: “Your donations are so hugely important.

I can see a difference when families have time and space to digest what has happened. When they find out that their baby has died their whole world is turned upside down and their hopes, dreams and expectations for the future are ripped away from them.

It can be like a boat being thrown about in a storm, families don't know which way to go, where to be, how to be and a whole mixture of emotions that you can’t put words to engulf them.

The additional bereavement suite will provide a safe space to begin that journey, have time, different conversations, create memories, scream, shout and cry with staff, family and friends in privacy.


When the existing suite is unavailable it not so easy to create the right environment. Families definitely go home a lot quicker and this sometimes creates regrets and guilt later on in life.

It really upsets me when families are unable to use the bereavement suite because I know it can make such a difference”.

Unfortunately, Trudy and the team at Worcestershire Royal Hospital don’t have the resources or the facilities to help every family that needs their help.

Every month they are forced to turn grieving parents away. .


Some parents who have benefited from the existing maternity bereavement services at Worcestershire Royal Hospital told us just how vital these services are:

“Having the use of the bereavement suite gave us a chance to breathe and start to make sense of what had happened and was happening”.

"It gave us the time to bond and create memories with our baby, in a home from home setting, until we were ready to say goodbye and take the next difficult step of going home".

"It gave us that quiet, private time with our baby, family and friends. The staff where there at the end of the call bell if we needed absolutely anything or had any questions".

"The room was so valuable as it gave us space and time. With the garden as well we could create beautiful memories and stories that can only help for the future and how we cope".

"Being there meant we didn't have to deal with everyday things we could just spend time with our baby, it was a safe bubble before we had to take the next steps to go home".


Some of the money raised will go towards sound proofing a couple of delivery rooms as well as an additional bereavement suite.

Sadly one mother’s memory is "as I was giving birth to my baby that had died all I can remember is the sound of the mother next door who was exactly at the same stage of labour but her baby cried, my heart broke".

Other parents highlighted the importance of having a separate space away from the normal delivery ward: "I can’t imagine having to stay on delivery suite and hear other babies being born".

"If the bereavement room hadn't been available then I would have gone home straight away, I couldn’t have stayed and would have missed out on spending time with my baby".


Unfortunately, this situation is all too common as with just one bereavement suite at Worcestershire Royal Hospital there is currently only room for one family at a time and often grieving parents have to turned away and sent to the normal delivery ward.

It is simply heart breaking that some parents have to go through this gruelling time without this additional support.

A new Worcestershire Royal Hospital Maternity Bereavement Suite will provide a private space for parents who have experienced the tragedy of a stillbirth or the loss of their baby post-birth, where they can begin to grieve the loss of their baby in private.

The staff will also provide community support so that parents and siblings can continue to access the help they need after leaving the unit.


This cause touched our hearts and gave us a real desire to do something to help.

So on 18 August 2018 we will be travelling to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain (and a dormant volcano) in an effort to raise as much money as possible for this great cause.

For those of you who know us well, you will know that this challenge is something very much out of all of our comfort zones!

We are not asking for you do anything too active - you can sit at home in the glowing warmth of your loving families and wait for updates from us to see how we are doing.

Whilst we climb the world’s highest free standing mountain, perhaps you could find a few minutes to donate towards this fantastic local cause?


Your donations will be used to change an existing room at Worcestershire Royal Hospital into an additional bereavement suite.

This involves ensuring that the room conforms to the necessary regulations for use, changing lighting, creating a door out into a private garden shared with the other bereavement suite, providing a shower room and kitchen facilities.

Structurally a private entrance will be built, so that families no longer have to use the main delivery suite entrance.

The plans also involve soundproofing two delivery rooms and furnishing them so they are a little less clinical and allow the visitors that are providing support the ability to be able to relax and have refreshments and be comfortable.

The works will also refurbish the current bereavement suite as its looking a little tired.